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The information technology world changes too rapidly for you to accept anything but flexible, reliable service. Service is our strength. Whether you're responsible for your company's information system or a user of it, our professionals will provide the support you need…when you need it!

ARTGI strategic consulting services practice is focused primarily on uncovering the key drivers of a business that must be met in order for a company to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our purpose is to assist organizations in the alignment of IT strategies to their corporate strategies in order to accomplish this competitive advantage.

Our full-service approach to information technology consulting, along with our additional professionals, allows us to respond to your special needs and requirements promptly. We will invest the time, up front and throughout our business relationship, to gain knowledge of and understand your business environment, products, services and staffing challenges.

This in-depth consulting approach, our thrill knowledge of the information technology market place and our extensive pool of professionals allow us to provide you with the consulting support you need. Whether your plans call for one or more specialist or for completely staffing a major development project, ARTGI will deliver the know-how you require.

As specialists in the placement of information management, we provide individuals with proven accomplishments and considerable industry experience in developing and supporting information systems on a wide range of platforms. Through interviews and facilitated sessions, our main focus is to provide a Management Team with a unified direction and consensus on how to better manage and structure the organization's resources. Our Information Management Group provides a business-to-technology link. This link highlights information technology's role as an enabling tool. Working as a partnership identifies critical information needs and high pay back areas are identifies so project prioritization can be accomplished. Driven by ARTGI Emergence Technology the Information Management Group will divide each project into several project phases to provide more effective management control and appropriate phase deliverables.

The Information Management Group will act as a catalyst in the coordination of other IT practices allowing ARTGI's Emerging Technologies to become your total solution provider.

Many of ARTGI executives have strong information technology backgrounds as IS Managers, Software Developers or Systems consultants. Their industry experience makes them uniquely qualified to find the right consultant for your requirements.

It makes no variation what combination technical, business and interpersonal skills you need, or how thought the requirements are. ARTGI provides the industry's best information technology professionals, people with the skills and experience you require

Charting the course of your company's future often requires advice and services from public accounting, audit and management consulting firms. You leverage their wisdom to gain competitive advantage and increase your profitability.

ARTGI supplements and complements these traditional resources by offering you access to highly qualified information technology professionals at cost-effective rates. Our experienced consultants join your team and work under your direction to achieve the results that right for your business…saving you time and money.

ARTGI provides staffing solutions to help our client's mange their information technology investment efficiently and cost-effectively.

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