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At Your Service (AYS)/QWIZ Testing

Our unique AYS/QWIZ Professional Technical evaluation Process ensures that our consultants will have the precise knowledge and skills necessary to address your diverse information technology needs.

In addition to technical proficiency, a consultant's interpersonal skill set is carefully evaluated. Our purpose is to attract and retain a higher quality of consultant for each assignment and to provide your company with the best services possible. Matching an individual's interpersonal skills with those of the client's working environment often makes the critical difference between the ability to do a job, and actually getting that job done right.

Since its inception, ARTGI has been a quality-driven company. Over the years, we have formalized our most successful practice and procedures into the quality apparatus described below:

High-quality Communication and Features

  • Structured in-person interview of each prospective consultant. At ARTGI, this is not just a cursory procedure, but also an integral part of our dedication to total quality service delivery. We find that keeping our clients as the main focus makes our business relationships work. This is the foundation upon which our growth and reputation is built. All communications with your company managers will be held in stick confidence. Our consultants are aware of our professionalism, policies, procedures and confidentiality of clients. When are consultants are working at any ARTGI client facility, they are required to adhere to all policy and procedures.

  • In-depth reference checking. Our commitment and expertise in checking references far exceeds that of any other firm in the industry. Our systematic approach to gathering information about prospective consultants ensures competent, complete background information each and every time including valuable testimonials from previous employers and associates.

  • Technical evaluation conducted by our experienced, professional Staffing Specialists. We carefully screen all applicants with a unique batter of technical test designed to ensure working proficiency in each area of claimed expertise.

  • We sincerely put strong assurance to having your clients receive DEPENDABE and ON TIME services, and it is our goal to support your company in every way possible. We have developed a "Quality Assurance" program over the years that we know will allow us to monitor your company customer satisfaction to the best of our ability:

        • Quality Control Calls
        • Arrival/Evaluation Checks
        • Quality Questionnaire
        • On-Site Representatives
        • Attendance Calls (Visits)
        • ARTGI 100% Guarantee


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